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Our Protective Services provide your organization cyber security assurance services incorporating our "State of the Art" monitoring and cyber protective instrumentation tailored for Critical Infrastructure environments. Our Managed Cyber Security Services is a very cost effective alternative to your organization building their own Security Operations Center. Our Cyber Security Consulting provides value-added services to test, assess, strengthen the cyber security posture of your organization.
Managed OT/ICS Cybersecurity Operations includes:bullet External Network Penetration Testing tailored for the fragile nature of OT/ICS/SCD environments.
bullet Network Security Monitoringbullet System and Internal Network Vulnerability Assessments tailored for the fragile nature of OT/ICS/SCD environments.
bullet Continuous Cyber Security Event and Incident Analysisbullet Cybersecurity Risk Assessments designed for OT/ICS/SCD environments.
bullet Continuous Intrusion Prevention and Detection configured specifically for OT/ICS/SCDbullet Virtual CISO (vCISO) Consulting
bullet Continuous Firewall Log Analysisbullet Regulatory Compliance Readiness Assessments (NERC CIP, DHS CFATS, DHS TSA Pipeline SCADA, FERC)
bullet Continuous System Security Log Analysisbullet Cyber Security Policy Development and Reviews (NIST SP 800-53, SP 800-82, ISA/IEC 62443)
bullet Continuous OT/ICS/SCD Asset Inventory Management because you cannot protect what you don't know you have.bullet ICS/OT/SCD Cyber Security Network Design (ISA/IEC 62443)
bullet Cyber Threat Intelligence gathering to provide what malicious activity is occurring out in the real world.
bullet Managed Cyber Incident Response (XDR) to remediate cyber threats.
bullet Cyber Threat Hunting designed to detect cyber threats unseen.
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Netsecuris works with industries utilizing control systems that are at risk for cyber attacks. We diligently work with our clients to find the appropriate solutions that decrease their cyber risks. Many of these industries have to deal with government regulations, industry cybersecurity standards, and best practices. This is another area that Netsecuris excels at assisting its clients to meet or exceed.
bullet Transportation (Maritime, Airports, Rail, Trucking, Cars and Trucks)
bullet Electric Generation, Transmission, and Distribution
bullet Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution
bullet Renewable Energy (Wind, Solar, Hydroelectric, Thermal), Battery Storage, Smart Grid, and Microgrid
bullet Water and Wastewater Processing
bullet Oil Refining and Gas Production
bullet Smart Cities and Smart Buildings
bullet Product Manufacturing
bullet Chemical and Petrochemical Manufacturing
bullet Telecommunications

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About Netsecuris

Netsecuris was founded in the year 2000 to provide cost effective cyber security solutions and services to customers in a wide range of markets. Today, Netsecuris focuses on providing cyber protections to Critical Infrastructure industries that provide goods and services to humankind.
Critical Infrastructure is at risk for cyber attacks every hour and minute of the day. It cannot be without protection on a continuous basis by the services Netsecuris offers 24 x 7 x 365.
Our OT/ICS/SCD Cyber Defense and Response Center is staffed 24x7x365 with experienced Cyber Security Analysts that understand Critical Infrastructure and OT/ICS/SCD environments. All Netsecuris staff receive intensive continuous training so they can better serve you. Our technical staff have over 80 years of combined experience cyber protecting and working with Operational Technology.
Netsecuris practices a proven cyber security technique called Network Security Monitoring, which ensures the greatest opportunity to delay the cyber attacker long enough to stop them. We perform this service with a purpose-built Network Security Monitoring Appliance as well as other cyber intelligence and detection/prevention tools.
Our Netsecuris team provides excellent and friendly customer service that fulfills your cyber security needs.

Awards and Certifications

Have a Cyber Safe Day!
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