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Netsecuris is not your traditional, reactive Managed Security Service Provider.

Albert Einstein stated, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Today’s cyber threats have evolved into stealthier attacks but the protections have not kept up with the rate of attacks. Reactive security no longer works.

Netsecuris applies the sound concepts of Network Security Monitoring to better serve its customers' cyber security protection needs.

Network Security Monitoring concepts include:

  • Prevention Eventually Fails
  • No matter how strong your defenses are and what steps you take to prevent attacks, eventually a motivated attacker will find their way to get in.
  • Ability to contain the attacker based on the results of cyber security intelligence gathering.
  • Threat-Centric Defense
  • Collection and analysis of security data to detect the attacker.
  • Combines the intelligence gathered from every attack to discover patterns.
  • Stronger ability to detect adversarial activities beyond known signatures.

Network Security Monitoring involves:

  • Using the human brain to analyze security event data - not just depend on what your firewall and intrusion prevention system is telling you; therefore more effectively utilizing the security tools in your arsenal.
  • Understanding how the cyber attacker thinks - not just looking for signs of an attack.

Netsecuris provides information security services to its customers utilizing Netsecuris’ 24x7x365 Information Security Operations Center (iSOC) and comprehensive data security assessment services.


Managed Cyber Security Services

Netsecuris provides managed cyber security services to its clients that more effectively utilizes security tools to protect their network and systems.
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Cyber Security Consulting

Netsecuris provides a wide range of value-added cyber security consulting and assessment services.

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